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Documents for Tranche 2 of Allocatie 2.0 were also approved during the extra NEDU General Meeting of Members on Wednesday, 13 October. This includes 2 Requests for Change (RFC’s).

RFC 273.1 ‘LV-variant als alternatief voor wervingscampagne’ (‘LV variant as alternative for recruitment campaign’)
IC273 ‘Noodzakelijke tussenoplossing profielallocatie’ (‘Necessary interim solution profile allocation’) is part of Tranche 2. The issue describes the need for a representative sample of connections with sufficient geographical coverage across the Netherlands and sufficient coverage across the various profile categories. A decision was made to implement a recruitment campaign in order to obtain this representative sample. Up to the summer recess, the aim was to perform this using a so-called metering campaign with the ‘ODA variant’ as back-up. The Allocatie 2.0 programme realised that there is a better and more efficient scenario, namely the ‘supplier variant’ (‘LV variant’). Now that RFC 273.1 and the process descriptions have been approved as an appendix, this LV variant is the preferred scenario.

RFC 273.2 ‘Dynamische profielen’ (‘Dynamic profiles’)
Due to new insights about fall-back scenarios and ProfielFractieFixatieMomenten (Profile Fraction Fixation Moments), there is a second RFC for issue IC273: RFC273.2 ‘Dynamische profielen’. These insights relate to appendix ‘B1 – Resultaten B1 voor DA’ (‘B1 – Result B1 for DA’) and specifically to fall-back scenarios and ProfielFractieFixatieMomenten:

  • Fall-back scenarios
    The RFC reduces complexity and corrects the impossible and undesirable fall-back scenarios described in appendix ‘B1 – Resultaten B1 voor DA’. These scenarios would lead to inaccurate profile values between 21:00 and 23:00, because the different switching times (evening/night) between categories and grid areas have not been taken into account. The RFC will lead to a new set of simple full-back scenarios for realising accurate results and making sure that categories with different switching times are not added together.
  • ProfielFractieFixatieMomenten
    The fixation process described in appendix ‘B1 – Resultaten B1 voor DA’ has not been correctly formulated, which means a new process for fixing profile fractions has been compiled. In addition, the newly compiled process is not only suitable for the initially defined new metering campaign based on mandates, but can also be used to supply data for parallel supplier variants (in accordance with RFC IC273.1). The RFC will lead to a new set of arrangements for fixing dynamic profile actions in the fastest and most reliable manner possible.

RFC IC273.2 also has an appendix: ‘Resultaten B1’ (‘Results B1’). The changes proposed in the RFC have been incorporated into this document.

Both RFC’s can be found on mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘Tranche 2 A2.0’, ‘RFC’s’.

New version IC273
Both RFC’s have led to a new version of issue IC273 ‘Noodzakelijke tussenoplossing profielallocatie’ (‘Necessary interim solution profile allocation’). This can also be found on mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘Tranche 2 A2.0’, ‘Issues Tranche 2’.

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