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Sogeti will be closing a data center this year. EDSN is currently using it to host 3 applications: TMR, P4 and Nexus. You will be able to use a new solution for Nexus as of Tuesday 20 April. Read more about how you can do this.

White-listing IP addresses
The transition to the new solution will take place using a Domain Name System (DNS). Due to the DNS, this new type of hosting will have almost no impact on market parties. However, you may first need to white-list IP addresses before you can use the Nexus applications. You can do this by adding the new IP address to the white-listing functionality. Download the table with URL’s and IP addresses here.

Prepare effectively to continue accessing Nexus
The transition from the old Nexus to the new Nexus cloud solution will start on Tuesday 20 April. The new functionality for Nexus will be introduced at 19:00. EDSN will then provide the required after-care. If you have not effectively prepared for this transition, and it appears that you should have white-listed the IP addresses, you will no longer be able to use Nexus after the Go live for the new functionality. If you want to access Nexus, you will then have to take immediate action after the Go live for the functionality. Up to 2 weeks after the Go live, you can ask questions via by mentioning ‘Application Transition Data Center’. Once these 2 weeks have passed, you can ask questions via For further information, please refer to the information session presentation on mijnNEDU.

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