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The NEDU General Meeting of Members has approved the Request for Change (RFC) 2021.8 ‘Aanvullende richtlijnen Webservice Guide MMC Hub’ (‘Additional guidelines Web Service Guide MMC Hub’). These guidelines relate to messages that flow via the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub of TenneT, and apply to the pull functionality.

The scope of this RFC only includes market roles that use the pull functionality. This applies to approximately half of the balance responsible parties (BRP’s) and all the metering responsible parties. The RFC has no impact on the hub’s push functionality.

Additional guidelines:
1. Pull frequency
Do not pull more than 2 x per minute when requesting the list (LIST) of messages that are available on the MMC Hub.
2. How to retrieve the messages (GET). 2 possibilities:

  • Retrieve the list of messages sequentially.
    • Please note: everyone can use their own IT system, as soon as possible and immediately after one another (without pauses), to ‘GET’ from the MMC Hub.
  • Retrieve the list of messages simultaneously.
    • Please note: a maximum of 2 simultaneous GET requests can be made at the same time.
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