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We have resumed testing for the AS2-AS4 Theme release (TR AS2-AS4). A select group is currently performing the so-called Functional Acceptance Test (FAT). New planning for the transition from the AS2 to the AS4 protocol will be finalised during the NEDU General Meeting of Members of 3 July 2019.

Functional Acceptance Test
During the FAT, the Nexus central hub will be operating with Oracle, ENTSO-G AS4 profile, the correct content type (Octet-stream) and encryption AES128-GCM. In the meantime, testing is being carried out by a newly formed select group. This select group consists of parties that represent the various local systems and still work with AS2 or have already switched to AS4.

Planning User Acceptance Test
Once the select group completes testing, planning will be compiled for a so-called User Acceptance Test (GAT) for the rest of the market. This GAT is intended for parties that currently use AS4 with the wrong content type.

Migration of content type
A separate migration plan will be available for parties that now use AS4 on the hub and must change their content type. This migration plan will mention how and when you must migrate from AS4 with Gzip content to AS4 with Octet-stream content. All market parties that need to switch content type in AS4 will be supported. The migration process will be supervised by the TR AS2-AS4 project team.

Plan for transition to AS4
Once migration for content type has been completed, a plan will be compiled for the remaining market parties, which will identify a period in which they can gradually switch from AS2 to AS4. A new end date will also be determined, before which market parties must have made the switch. The revised planning will be confirmed during the NEDU General Meeting of Members of 3 July 2019.

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