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The AS2-AS4 theme release (TR AS2-AS4) has now been officially launched. On 27 September, the NEDU General Meeting of Members determined the Project Initiation Document (PID) and Transition Plan to this end.

The PID establishes the TR AS2-AS4 planning and approach. The same applies to the two theme release issues: SC002 ‘Phasing out of AS2’ and TC034 ‘Transition from AS2 to AS4 Gas’. We are starting with the transition from the AS2 to the AS4 messaging protocol. The first part of the project is limited to the transition of market parties to the AS2-AS4 central hub, which is to take place on 19 March and 11 April 2018.

Documents in mijnNEDU and on NEDU website
Apart from the PID and Transition Plan, the NEDU General Assembly of Members also determined the Communication and Market Readiness Plan. All documentation can be found in mijnNEDU. The market parties involved that are not a member of the NEDU are redirected to:

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