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Phase 2 of the AS2-AS4 Theme release (TR AS2-AS4) has now been resumed, in accordance with the new planning. In the coming two months, we will focus on market parties that use the AS4 protocol with the wrong content type. Once they migrate to the correct content type, other parties will be given time to switch from AS2 to AS4.

Migration weekend on 26 and 27 October 2019
Migration will take place during the weekend of 26 and 27 October. This will involve migrating from AS4 with Gzip content to AS4 with Octet-stream content. The hub is only capable of supporting one type of content at the same time. That is why migration must be completed in one go. All parties that currently use AS4 with Gzip content will make the switch. The newsletter will be used to inform you about how things are progressing.

Request for Change
Because the switch to Octet-stream is mandatory, NEDU had to compile a Request for Change (RFC) for issue TC034. This RFC was finalised during the NEDU General Meeting of Members on 3 July. Exit and entry criteria, as well as the migration plan, will now be presented during the NEDU General Meeting of Members on 25 September.

Please note: are you one of the market parties that will switch to AS4 Octet-stream during the migration weekend? Then you are expected to compile your own script based on the exit and entry criteria and the migration plan.

Preparations in full swing
To prepare for migration, a select group is currently performing a Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) with the various local systems. This is flowing smoothly. One local system has yet to be fully tested. Market parties have started the User Acceptance Test (GAT). They are working with EDSN to test whether their systems can connect without problems and whether they are able to receive TINFO notifications. The AS2-AS4 project team is using extra market readiness analysis and regular one-on-one contact to oversee progress.

Switch to AS4 before 1 March 2020
If migration during the weekend of 26 and 27 October is successful, we will then start addressing market parties that are still using AS2. They must actually switch to AS4 before 1 March 2020. In principle, AS2 will then be phased out and it will no longer be possible to use this protocol to send wholesale gas messages (offline allocation and reconciliation gas).

More information
If you have specific questions, please send them to

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