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Messaging for wholesale gas will change when the AS2-AS4 Theme release (TR AS2-AS4) goes live. Market parties will no longer send messages to each other as of 3 July. This means the AS2 directory will also disappear.


Once migration moment 2 has taken place (on 3 July), you will only need to use 1 address: that of the Nexus central hub. The AS2 directory will no longer be needed because peer-to-peer messaging will disappear.

Reporting connection details
It is important to punctually notify EDSN Operations about changes to your technical connection details. For instance, new IP addresses, certificates and URL’s. Other technical changes concerning wholesale gas messages can be reported via

Contact details
Changes to contact persons in the contact person register (CPR) can only be made via a procedure that has been agreed and established within the sector. Check out the user manual for the CPR in mijnEDSN.

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