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On 1 April 2022, NEDU will be transferring tasks to the new Beheer Afsprakenstelsel (Management Arrangements System, BAS). Until then, we will continue to focus on the Allocatie 2.0 programme and the first Tranche, which will go live via a happy flow on 19 March 2022. The results of the Lead group tests have been encouraging, with only 2 issues being encountered thus far.

Start Tranche 2
The last regular NEDU General Meeting of Members, as well as the T1 moment for Tranche 2 of Allocatie 2.0, took place on 15 December. The NEDU General Meeting of Members approved the NEDU Project Initiation Document (PID), the PID Simulation (a project for issue IC273), the Business Requirements Specifications (BRS), the service messages and the message definitions. This initiated the implementation of the second Tranche.

Service descriptions, message examples and BRS translated
The General Meeting of Members also confirmed that all service descriptions, message examples and BRS will be translated into English as of 15 December 2021. However, the Dutch versions will continue to be the approved and leading versions. The translated versions will not be approved, and will only be offered for information purposes in order to identify this difference in status.

Approved documents Tranche 1 and 2
Read more about the important documents approved for Tranche 1 en Tranche 2 on 15 December.

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