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Sogeti will be closing a data center on 1 June. EDSN is currently using it to host 3 applications: TMR, P4 and Nexus. Due to this closure, another modern solution has now been found to host the applications. How will it work?

Smooth transition with DNS
We want to make the transition for market parties as smooth as possible. That is why we will be using a so-called Domain Name System (DNS). We will change the server’s numeric value in the referral record of the DNS server, which means you will not have to make any changes when using web services. The DNS server will then translate the required IP address (or IP number).

White-listing IP address
Due to the DNS, this new type of hosting will have almost no impact on market parties. However, you may first have to white-list the IP address before you can use the TMR, P4 or Nexus applications. You can do this by adding the new IP address to the white-listing functionality.

Effective preparation
You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you can no longer access TMR, P4 or Nexus. That is why you should certainly read more about how to prepare for the new type of hosting:
TMR: for regional grid operators and suppliers
P4: for regional grid operators, suppliers and ODA’s
Nexus: for GTS, gas balance responsible parties, regional grid operators and suppliers

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