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It is important for you to carefully prepare for Theme release 2021 (TR2021). You can find all start documents on mijnNEDU, also if you are not a member of NEDU.

Unable to access mijnNEDU?
Are you unable to access mijnNEDU? You must first register via The documentation can be freely accessed by members, non-members and any other interested parties.

Also for modified documents
Theme Release 2021 contains all information you need to prepare for TR2021. If documentation is modified following a Request for Change (RFC), you will also be able to access the RFC and the modified documentation. It is important for project managers to visit this page on a regular basis.


  1. Issues, MSP-R, BRS: here you will find issues that are in scope for the theme release (the first tranche for Allocatie 2.0), the modified Market and Sub-processes NEDU – Retail processes (MSP-R) and the Business Requirements Specifications (BRS; a new type of document).
  2. Message definitions and service descriptions: this information is about new and modified messages in XML format and the accompanying information via service descriptions or business services.
  3. RFC’s: here you will find the Requests for Change confirmed by the NEDU General Meeting of Members. The concerned RFC’s have all been approved. Because Tranche 1 is new and complex, there are more RFC’s than regular releases. Remain up-to-date by regularly visiting this page; this will avoid construction-related errors! 7 RFC’s with impact on documentation have been confirmed. 1 RFC narrows the scope of TR2021 and 1 RFC has thus be revoked.
  4. Project management: this is where all project-related documents have been bundled, like e.g. the Project Initiation Document (PID), the Communication and Market readiness plan and the acceptance criteria.
  5. Testing: you should certainly view the Master test plan. We will be adding the GAT plan (for the User Acceptance Test) in July and the group layout in Q4.
  6. Transition: here you will find the general Transition plan. Specific transition products, like e.g. process-related agreements and entry and exit criteria, will be added in July. You will also find documents about the implementation strategy for the go live and support for the dual phase.
  7. Information: here you will find general information about Allocatie 2.0, as issued in November 2019. Sheets from the information session of 23 March 2021 will also be available here, along with a Q&A document based on questions asked during this information session.
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