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The first phase of the User Acceptance Test (GAT) has now been completed. And all market parties were successful in connecting with the testing environment of the Nexus central hub. The following phases of the Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) and GAT will be addressed once the remaining issues have been resolved.

A total of 41 parties took part in the test and did their utmost to connect to the Nexus testing environment. Thanks to this hard work, all participating parties were eventually able to make a connection.

GAT phases 2, 3 and 4
These successful connectivity tests will be followed by another 3 GAT phases. This will involve testing communication via Nexus (phase 2 and 3) and checking whether AS2 and AS4 messages are routed through the central hub in the correct format (phase 4). Because several persistent issues in the central hub still need to be resolved, we are unable to start the following phases. This will only be possible once the FAT has been completed by EDSN and the main group of market parties. These FAT tests will only start once the final issues in the hub have been resolved.

New timetable soon
A new timetable for the next GAT phases will soon be compiled and communicated. We will announce it as soon as possible via this newsletter.

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