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The User Acceptance Test (GAT) has started on Monday 3 January. Parties in GAT group 1 were the first to start. The composition of all the groups has been revealed in an update before Christmas. Only parties that have qualified for the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub can take part in the GAT. However, qualification is still possible.

Which technical preparations should members of GAT group 1 be making?
The lead group parties moved from the ACC environment to the TQF environment in the week before Christmas. They tested whether it is possible to send messages to one another. The other parties in group 1 qualified in the TQF environment and are thus already linked to their backend systems.

All group members must prepare by performing a technical action: they must ‘trust’ the other market parties in their group. Trusting involves incorporating the signing certificates of the concerned market parties into their own ‘trust store’. The security technology that you have implemented will determine exactly what you must do.

To make trusting easier, MyTenneT allows you to access 2 zip files containing the signing certificates of all qualified market parties that intend to take part in the GAT. You can find the zip files under ‘IT-Verbindingen’, ‘Documenten’; see the image below. The zip files are updated on a weekly basis.

Qualification is still possible
Qualifications for the MMC Hub are progressing gradually. Just under half of the parties have now qualified. You can still qualify if you want to take part in the GAT. This is still possible while the GAT is ongoing. Qualification takes place in the TQF environment. You can qualify by exchanging messages with TenneT EAN 8716867999983. TenneT uses EAN 8716867999990 for the GAT.

The technical documents for qualification have been updated and can be found on MyTenneT. See the image below. The documents for functional qualification (the qualification plan) have remained the same and can be found on mijnNedu: ‘Release’, ‘TR2021-tranche 1 A2.0’, ‘5. Testen’.

Please note: no market-to-market traffic during qualification
We are still seeing quite a lot of market-to-market traffic from parties that are currently qualifying. These messages are being refused by the recipient because the sender’s signing certificate is not being trusted. The aim is to eliminate such messages during the qualification process. So please try to avoid them.

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