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The go live for Theme release 2021 (TR2021) – Tranche 1 Allocatie 2.0 can get started this weekend. The Steering Committee Releases NEDU (SR NEDU) confirmed today that all entry criteria have been met. That is why the Steering Committee has decided to give the go-ahead to start deployment.

Deployment: systems unavailable for 23 hours

  • The deployment relates to 2 central systems: C-ARM (of EDSN) and the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub (of TenneT). C-ARM will not be available as of Friday 18 March 20:00 until Saturday 19 March 19:00. The MMC Hub stays available for the existing messages. The new TR2021 – Tranche 1 messages will be available as of Saturday 19:00.
  • There will be an evaluation moment for the SR NEDU at 16:00 on Saturday. The Steering Committee will then use the exit criteria to determine whether the Go-ahead will be given for go live or whether the Fall-back plan will be initiated.

Schedule Go-head go live (happy flow)

  • If the Go-ahead is given for the go live, the systems will be available again as of 19:00 on Saturday 19 March. It will thus take 3 hours, from the moment of evaluation, for the systems to be released.

Schedule fall-back (unhappy flow)

  • What if the SR NEDU does not give the Go-ahead at 16:00 on Saturday? In this case, we will implement the Fall-back plan.
  • The SR NEDU has the option of postponing the go live by 16 hours.
  • The exit criteria will be assessed by the SR NEDU for a second time at 8:00 on Sunday 20 March.
  • If the Go-ahead is given on Sunday morning, the systems will be available again at 11:00 on the same day. Once again, it will thus take 3 hours, from the moment of evaluation, for the systems to be released.
  • If the Go-ahead is not given, the fall-back situation will continue until 16:00 on Sunday.
  • Then there will be another conference call at 16:00 on Sunday by the SR NEDU. We will re-evaluate if the exit criteria have been met. If the Go-ahead is given, the systems will be accessible again at 19:00 on Sunday; again 3 hours from the moment of evaluation . If not, we will further postpone the go live, and the NEDU General Meeting of Members will convene on Monday morning in order to make a decision.

Consequences fall-back for metering responsible parties
A fall-back scenario could also have consequences for planning the entry of metering responsible parties in the dual phase. At first instance this relates only the party which will step in first. This party will be contacted directly about these consequences.

Fall-back plan on mijnNEDU
The Fall-back plan and the various scenarios can be found on mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘TR2021-tranche 1 A2.0’, map ‘6. Transitie’, Fallbackplan.

We wish all market parties a smooth deployment. Good luck!

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