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We have decided to temporarily halt phase 2 of the AS2-AS4 Theme release (TR AS2-AS4). This is something we also informed you about in the last newsletter. What has happened in the past few weeks and how are we going to proceed?

We decided to temporarily halt activities because we were encountering all kinds of complex (technical) problems when trying to smoothly migrate all market parties from the AS2 protocol to the AS4 protocol. This is because market parties use different local systems, which have been encountering different connection problems. As far as the Nexus central hub is concerned, solutions for the various problems in local systems must be found using existing profiles and standards.

What have we been working on?
Nexus has been updated in recent weeks. This means the hub now meets the following requirements: AS4, GCM and ENTSO-G version 3.5. They have been tested in the test environment. These tests involved 3 market parties with different local systems. Results showed that direct communication is possible without using the separate skin.

Investigation into progress
NEDU is consulting with 3 bureaus about investigating the transition from AS2 to AS4. All three of them will be submitting quotes this week. Once the contract has been awarded, it will be possible to access the tender via mijnNEDU. The selected bureau must provide a solution that allows us to switch to AS4 in a controlled and well-informed manner. This can then be followed by phasing out AS2. The selected bureau will have until 1 July 2019 at the latest to realise this.

Restart after 1 July; planning to follow
We will be restarting the project on 1 July 2019. When we decided to halt activities, the end date for the project was 26 June 2019. We then had a further 4 months for qualification and phasing out AS2. The same period for phasing out AS2 will once again be needed. At the start of July, we will release new planning for the ‘go live’ and will try to start the qualification process as soon as possible.

More information
If there are any new developments, we will inform you once again via a newsletter. If you have specific questions, please send them to

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