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4 Requests for Change (RFC’s) were encountered in recent months for Theme release 2021 (TR2021) – Tranche 1 Allocatie 2.0. The accompanying documents have thus also been modified in the meantime, including the Business Requirements Specifications, message definitions and service descriptions. They can be found on mijnNEDU. MyTenneT features the modified WSDL files and the technical guide for XSD files.

The following 4 Requests for Change (RFC’s) were encountered in recent months:

  • RFC249.4 ‘Tijdigheid maandelijks bericht tijdseries ELK’
  • RFC249.5 ‘Toevoegen Use-cases LNB-E’
  • RFC249.6 ‘MarketRole in BD VolumeSeriesNotification’
  • RFC TR2021.5 ‘Technische validaties Allocatie 2.0 berichtenverkeer’

Message definitions and service descriptions on mijnNEDU
Due to the RFC’s, and based on the mandate provided by the NEDU General Meeting of Members and the Sector Steering Committee (SSG), the Steering Committee Releases NEDU (SR NEDU) approved the message definitions during the summer recess, namely on 23 July. The service descriptions were also approved. The modified message definitions and service descriptions can be found on mijnNEDU (via ‘Release’, ‘TR2021-tranche 1 A2.0’, ‘2. Berichtdefinities & Business Services’, ‘Alle documenten’).

Modified documents as of 22 July 2021

Business Requirement Specification (BRS):

  1. BRS Meetgegevens en reclamaties meetgegevens GV v4.0

Message definitions:

  1. VolumeSeriesNotification_2p0.xsd
  2. MeasurementSeriesAcknowledgement_3p1
  3. VolumeInstallationSeriesAcknowledgement_1p1
  4. VolumeSeriesAcknowledgement_1p1
  5. MeasurementSeriesRevisionResponse_1p1
  6. AllocationVolumeRevisionResponse_1p1

Service descriptions:

  1. Business Service Uitwisselen meetgegevens tijdseries v5.0
  2. Business Service Uitwisselen meetgegevens volumes installatie v3.0
  3. Business Service Uitwisselen meetgegevens volumes en meterstanden v3.0
  4. Business Service Uitwisselen herzieningsverzoeken v3.0

WSDL files and technical guide on MyTenneT
Due to RFC249.5 and RFC249.6, as well as the modified message definitions (XSD’s), new versions of the WSDL files and technical guide for XSD’s have also been supplied to TenneT. They can be downloaded via MyTenneT (via ‘IT connections’, ‘MMC Hub’, ‘Documentation’).

On MMC Hub and TQF as of 2 September
The new WSDL files will be activated in the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub and TenneT’s TQF environment. This will happen at the end of the day on 2 September. As a result, you will only be able to test with the new versions from that moment onwards.

Modified WSD files and technical guide

Document New version
Measurement_allocation Technical guide 1.2
AllocationVolumeRevision-wsdl 2
MeasurementSeriesRevision-wsdl 2
MeasurementSeries-wsdl 2
mmchub-AllocationVolumeRevision-wsdl 2
mmchub-MeasurementSeriesRevision-wsdl 2
mmchub-MeasurementSeries-wsdl 2
mmchub-VolumeInstallationSeries-wsdl 2
mmchub-VolumeSeries-wsdl 2
VolumeInstallationSeries-wsdl 2
VolumeSeries-wsdl 2


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