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The first information meeting for the AS2-AS4 Theme Release (TR AS2-AS4) took place on Tuesday 7 November. It was an opportunity for project managers and other people involved to find out more about the theme release and to ask questions.

Various members of the TR AS2-AS4 project team gave a presentation to a group of around 50 of those invited regarding the main aspects of the theme release. The presentation commenced with an explanation of why the project was being released. AS2 is an outdated protocol that no longer meets the current safety requirements and EU directives. This is why a transition to AS4 is required, as described in the issues SC002 (‘Phasing out AS2’) and TC034 (‘Transition from AS2 to AS4 gas’).

And the name is … Nexus
We emphasised that the transition to AS4 will take place in stages. We are now focusing exclusively on stage 1, in which the message traffic runs through a new, central hub. This will go live in May 2018. We explained the exact role and functionality of the central hub during the presentation. We also revealed the name of the hub: Nexus, which is the Latin word for ‘link’ or ‘connection’.

Second session on 16 January
During the talk, we expanded on the precise implementation points and provided a glimpse into the User Acceptance Test (GAT) in January. We are organising the second information session to prepare for the GAT on 16 January 2018 – put it in your diaries.

View the full presentation on mijnNEDU or on the NEDU website.

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