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We will be organising the first information session about the Theme release 2021 (TR2021) on 23 March. This is a major release which will have an impact on balance responsible parties and metering responsible parties, as well as regional and national grid operators. The information session will also be relevant to suppliers because the TR2021 is part of Allocatie 2.0. This programme will also be addressed in detail on 23 March. Please note: the information session will be in Dutch. However, sheets used for the presentation will be translated.

The first hour of the information session will be used to provide an update about Allocatie 2.0. Which route will the programme take and which components will be addressed? Various speakers will then inform you about TR2021. They will explain the documentation; what impact central systems will have on the Centralisation, Allocation, Reconciliation and Measurement data (C-ARM) programme; the role of the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub, as well as the qualification, planning, testing and transition phases. A detailed insight into the programme has been provided below. Naturally, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Invitation via e-mail
The online meeting will take place on 23 March between 09:30 and 12:00, and will be organised via Microsoft Teams. NEDU members have already received an invitation via e-mail. Balance responsible parties, who are not members but responded to TenneT’s request to register via, have also been invited via e-mail. Please confirm whether you will be attending.

Have you not received an invitation? Then you can still register
Have you not received an invitation, but would like to attend the online meeting? No problem. Just register via and an invitation will be sent to you via e-mail. You must then confirm attendance.

Preparation: documents on mijnNEDU
Would you like to prepare for the information session, so you can ask specific questions? Then please read the documents on mijnNEDU. If you go to Release and click ThemaRelease 2021, you will find all the information you need, neatly organised per subject. Also read the news release about documentation.

Unable to access mijnNEDU?
Are you unable to access mijnNEDU? You must first register via The documentation can be freely accessed by members, non-members and any other interested parties.

Agenda information session TR2021

Time Contents  


Mirjam van der Horst (Project manager NEDU and chairman SR NEDU (Steering Committee Releases NEDU))

Contents: explanation about how the online information session will proceed, and how you can ask questions


Status Allocatie 2.0

Lammert Gerkes (Programme manager Allocatie 2.0 NEDU)

Contents: change in strategy compared to start in 2018 (information session TenneT), via interim option to cSMA, and explanation about why this approach has been selected and what this means for the sector


Programme Allocatie 2.0

Joris Besseling (Chairman Design Authority and Change Authority, chairman IC-WE, TenneT)

Contents: insight into division into tranches, explanation about contents of tranches, the products supplied by Design Authority, the work groups and how these products support market parties


Entry documentation issues IC231, IC248, IC249, MSP

George Trienekens (Chairman work group Measurement data GV, TenneT)

Contents: brief introduction about the issues, explanation about content of BRS, why a BRS, aim of BRS, and how market parties should use BRS

10:30 Coffee break

Message definitions and service descriptions

Jan de Jong (Senior Service Design, EDSN)

Contents: information about new sets of message definitions and service descriptions


Impact on central systems C-ARM

Theo Lantink (Product Manager for Allocation and Reconciliation)

Contents: explanation about the impact of TR2021 on the central systems of C-ARM


Documentation TenneT MMC Hub

Elderik de Witte (Project manager TenneT)

Contents: information about TenneT’s documentation set for MMC Hub, explanation about TenneT activities, including qualification


Programme RNB/EDSN

Mark Ruiter and Thijs Lindenkamp (Programme managers EDSN)

Contents: information about central programme of RNB’s, construction status


Planning, communication and monitoring

Mirjam van der Horst (Project manager NEDU and chairman SR NEDU (Steering Committee Releases NEDU))

Contents: explanation about milestones in the planning, what these milestones mean for the market (when the construction, testing, transition and go live are expected to take place), communication with the market and monitoring of progress  


Testing and transition

Jorik van Vilsteren (Testing and Transition manager, EDSN)

Contents: explanation about the Testing lead group and Transition lead group, types of testing, testing against central systems C-ARM and MMC Hub, what is expected of market parties in the months leading up to go live, transition and implementation strategy NB: the GAT (User Acceptance Test) and transition will be addressed in detail during a later information session in mid-September 2021

11:55 Wrap-up
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