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On Tuesday 14 September, we will be organising the second information session about Theme release 2021 (TR2021) – Tranche 1 of programme Allocatie 2.0. The information session will also pay attention to testing and compulsory qualification. You did also receive the market readiness survey (in Dutch) at the start of July. Please complete this online survey so we can cater the information session to your specific needs.

Information session Tuesday 14 September 2021
The information session will be held on Tuesday 14 September 2021, between 10:00 and 12:00. You will be given further information about progress in the construction process for central systems, semantic and connection tests with the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub of TenneT, and the compulsory pre-qualification process for starting the User Acceptance Test (GAT) in January.

Testing, qualification and Go live
The information session will also pay attention to the Functional Acceptance Test (FAT). The lead group will start this test on 6 December 2021. The User Acceptance Test (GAT) will start on 3 January 2022, immediately after the Christmas recess. Most of the market will be taking part in the GAT. You must undergo compulsory qualification once you have completed your tests: for the connection to the central system of the Centralisation Allocation Reconciliation and Metering data (C-ARM) programme and for the connection to the central system for the MMC Hub. You must thus undergo testing twice for the MMC Hub. Finally, you will receive information about all transition plans and the implementation strategy. We will explain how various market roles will go live via a ‘big bang’ on 18 March 2022, while other market roles will be subject to a dual period.

Invitation for information session
The project managers or primary representatives of NEDU members (as registered in our system) will receive an invitation to the information session of 14 September. Would you already like to register? You can do so via You will then receive an invitation via Microsoft Outlook within a week.

Market readiness
Project managers or primary representatives did already receive the market readiness survey at the start of July (in Dutch). This is NEDU’s monitoring tool for checking to what extent the market has adopted the first major release of Allocatie 2.0. Please complete this brief survey. This will allow us to offer you better support during the information session.

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