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The migration to AS4 with Octet-stream content was successful. On Saturday 26 October at 17:00 the Steering Committee Releases NEDU (SR NEDU) has ruled that everything can go live.

Messaging possible again
As of 08:00 on Saturday, each of the concerned market parties was successfully emigrated to AS4 ENTSO-G 3.5 with Octet-stream content and GCM encryption. The hub will go live at 18:00 and all messaging possibilities via the Nexus central hub will be possible once again. This applies to parties that communicate via the hub on AS2 as well as AS4.

The AS2-AS4 project team would like to thank everyone involved for their cooperation and hard work.

Migration from AS2 to AS4
From now on, the AS2-AS4 Theme release will focus on parties that are switching from the AS2 to the AS4 protocol. They must actually switch to AS4 before 1 March 2020. In principle, AS2 will then be phased out and it will no longer be possible to use this protocol to send wholesale gas messages (offline allocation and reconciliation gas).

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