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There is still no final planning for the next phases of the User Acceptance Test (GAT) and the 2 migration moments. The NEDU General Meeting of Members would like to put this on hold until issues in the Nexus central hub have been resolved.


EDSN and the system integrator are currently doing everything to resolve the issues. The Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) can be continued once these issues have been resolved, thus allowing CMF to accept the Nexus central hub. Phases 2, 3 and 4 of the GAT can then be started with all market parties.

GAT phases 2, 3 and 4
Communication via Nexus will be tested in phases 2 and 3 of the GAT. In phase 4, market parties will be able to test whether AS4 notifications are routed through the Nexus central hub in the correct format. At this moment in time, it is unclear when these phases of the GAT will take place. The migration moments will also be announced at a later time.

Connection to continue
The first phase of the GAT will continue as normal. This will involve market parties testing connectivity with Nexus. This phase has been separated from other phases of the GAT and will last another 2 weeks. Technical instructions for realising connection can be found on mijnNEDU. Do you require extra assistance? Then use the EDSN support offered via

Decisions NEDU General Meeting of Members
The decisions made by the NEDU General Meeting of Members on 15 February can be found below:

  • Decision 1: Current planning for the GAT and migration moments is not feasible and has been scrapped from the issue & release dashboard.
  • Decision 2: Current preparations and connectivity tests between market parties and the Nexus central hub will be continued.
  • Decision 3: Migration moments 1 and 2 are being postponed for an indefinite period.
  • Decision 4: The General Meeting of Members will determine new dates for the migration moments once CMF is able to provide reliable planning for accepting the Nexus central hub. These new dates will be determined at least 8 weeks prior to the concerned migration moments.
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