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An extra NEDU General Meeting of Members was held on Wednesday, 13 October. As a result, several important documents for Theme release 2021 (TR2021) – Tranche 1 Allocatie 2.0 have been approved and made available for information purposes.

Documents qualification MMC Hub
2 informative documents were presented to the NEDU General Meeting of Members for qualifying the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub of TenneT. The documents help to explain the qualification process (‘Marktketenrisico’s en mitigatie A2.0 TR2021 Tranche 1 TenneT’ (‘Market chain risks and mitigation A2.0 TR2021 Tranche 1 TenneT’)) and the qualification plan itself. You can find them on MyTenneT and mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘TR2021-tranche 1 A2.0’, ‘Kwalificatie MMC-hub’.

Qualification must take place before 1 December
Market parties must qualify themselves if they want to go live on 19 March. The number of balance responsible parties and metering responsible parties that have thus far registered for the qualification process is running behind schedule. Parties have until 1 December 2021 to qualify.

Approved documents for transition
The following documents have been approved for the transition: the process-related arrangements, the communication and command structure, and the entry and exit criteria. These products can also be found on mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘TR2021-tranche 1 A2.0’, ‘Transitie’.

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