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The User Acceptance Test (GAT) for Theme release 2021 – Tranche 1 Allocatie 2.0 will start on Monday, 3 January 2022. Important information about this can be found on mijnNEDU.

Update detailed plan GAT
The updated ‘Detail Testplan GAT TR2021 versie 2.0’ was approved during the NEDU General Meeting of Members on 15 December. This update was needed because TenneT, which owns the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub, has changed its platform. The detailed plan stated that TenneT would be supporting the GAT using the MMC Hub of T3. TenneT has now changed this to the MMC Hub of TQF. The detailed plan can be found on mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘TR2021 tranche 1 A2.0’, ‘Testen’.

Detailed information to prepare for GAT
The document called ‘A2.0 Tranche 1 – GAT – Detailinformatie afkomstig RNB – V2’ can be found at the same location. The document has been supplied by all the grid operators and offers information about how to effectively prepare for the GAT.

GAT group-forming
The groups for the GAT can be found on mijnNEDU under ‘Testen’. Here you will see to which group you have been assigned for the GAT.

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