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GTS, regional grid operators and gas balance responsible parties use Nexus for wholesale gas messages. However, it is also used by suppliers. The objective and functionality of the application will not change. The Domain Name System (DNS) will be used during the transition period. You may have to first white-list the IP address.


  • A User Acceptance Test (GAT) will be carried out for Nexus in order to support the transition. Between 15 March 2021 and 9 April, EDSN will get in touch with contact persons who have been registered in our system for the involved market parties. These will be the same contact persons who were approached for the AS2-AS4 Theme release in 2020. On the day in question, EDSN will help you to connect to the Nexus cloud solution.
  • The transition from the old Nexus to the new Nexus cloud solution will start on Tuesday 20 April. The new functionality for Nexus will be introduced at 19:00.

Be well prepared
A fall-back option has been scheduled for 28 April. EDSN will then provide the required after-care. A fall-back option will no longer be available after 28 April. If you have not effectively prepared for this transition, and it appears that you should have white-listed the IP address, you will no longer be able to use Nexus after the Go live for the new functionality. If you want to access Nexus, you will then have to take immediate action after the Go live for the functionality.

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