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The Nexus hub was successfully transferred to the cloud on Tuesday 20 April. Because a DNS change (Domain Name System) was implemented, market participants like you were able to switch to the cloud solution without any problems.

Were you not able to make the switch? Then check the table with URL’s and IP addresses. You will have to white-list the IP addresses before you can use the Nexus applications. You can do this by adding the new IP address to the white-listing functionality.

Questions and information
Up to 2 weeks after the Go live, you can ask questions via by mentioning ‘Application Transition Data Center’. Once these 2 weeks have passed, you can ask questions via For further background information, please refer to the information session presentation on mijnNEDU (under ‘Release’, ‘Overige releases’ and in the ‘Uitfaseren datacentrum’ folder).

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