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Suppliers and independent service providers (ODA’s) use P4 to read smart metres. The objective and functionality of the application will not change. The Domain Name System (DNS) will be used during the transition period. You may have to first white-list the IP address.

Transition on 31 May
In May, you will be able to test the connectivity of the DNS server and see if this functionality needs to be white-listed. The new functionality for the P4 will be introduced on Monday 31 May.

Be well prepared
A fall-back option is not available. If you have not effectively prepared for this transition, and it appears that you should have white-listed the IP address, you will not be able to use the P4 on Monday 31 May. The old P4 environment will no longer be accessible. EDSN will switch to SIV/CTS for P4 services. If you want to access the P4 SIV/CTS, you will then have to take immediate action after the Go live for the functionality.

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