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Construction work on central systems is progressing nicely. Since 1 June, it has been possible for metering responsible parties, balance responsible parties and facility grid operators (of closed distribution systems) to perform connection tests with the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub of TenneT. This is a precursor to compulsory qualification. Register for the connection tests now:

Connection and semantic tests are part of the compulsory pre-qualification process
Market parties are able to exchange new XML messages via the MMC Hub of TenneT. It will only be possible to use these messages once Theme release 2021 (TR2021) – Tranche 1 of the programme Allocatie 2.0 goes live. But you must undergo a few tests before you can do so: connection tests (since 1 June) and semantic tests, both at TenneT. These tests are part of the compulsory pre-qualification process before you can start the User Acceptance Test (GAT). It will be carried out in the qualification environment of TenneT.

Some of the messages (‘Measurements time series’; ‘Stand en volume’) can be tested semantically as of 1 October 2021. The messages (‘Volume installatie’; ‘Herzieningsverzoeken’) are expected to be available in TQF between 1 and 15 November 2021. We will keep you informed about the planning. You have until 14 December, at the latest, to complete the pre-qualification process.

GAT and compulsory qualification, also for C-ARM
Once you have completed connection and semantic tests, and are pre-qualified, you will be able to start the GAT in January 2022. Compulsory qualification for the MMC Hub will be carried out in the qualification environment at the end of your GAT week. If you do not undergo qualification, you will not be able to exchange messages with TenneT in the future. We will address the tests, the qualification process and the ‘Go live’ in greater detail during the information session on 14 September.

The central system of the Centralisation Allocation Reconciliation and Metering data (C-ARM) program is not subject to pre-qualification. However, you must complete the GAT as part of the compulsory qualification process.

Contact TenneT as soon as possible
Supply your contact details to TenneT if you want to perform these tests: TenneT will then contact you to coordinate the planning for the Connection and Semantic tests. Also check out the testing and qualification guide on mijnNEDU (under ‘Release’, ‘TR2021 tranche 1 A2.0’, ‘Testen’ folder, ‘Testen MMC-hub (English)’ sub-folder).

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