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The AS2-AS4 Theme Release (TR AS2-AS4) will enter an important phase at the start of 2018. That is when the Nexus central hub will be ready. Once the Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) has been carried out by the Lead Group, the User Acceptance Test (GAT) will start on 22 January. You can start making preparations as of 8 January, in order to pre-empt potential delays during the GAT.

All wholesale gas messages will be changing in 2018, which means everything will flow through the Nexus hub as of 11 April. Peer-to-peer communication will not be possible thereafter. It is thus essential for you to have a working connection with Nexus. That is why it is important for all market stakeholders to extensively test their connection with Nexus in advance. This will be taking place during the GAT. The GAT will start on 22 January. You will have the opportunity to test the exchange of wholesale gas messages within your test group. We will be setting up a Nexus testing environment for this specific purpose.

Effective preparation as of 8 January
During the GAT, you may discover that you are unable to access the testing environment. This means you may not be able to perform the required tests. Upon request from market stakeholders, we have decided to permit access to the testing environment at an earlier date, so any surprises can be avoided. You can thus make a connection as of 8 January. This will allow you to check your access and approach the GAT with complete peace of mind.

Read test documentation
You can already download technical information about the GAT. This test documentation can also be found on the NEDU website. Any problems you may have can be reported via

Information: everything about the GAT
We will be organising an information meeting on 16 January. The meeting will focus on the GAT.

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