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On Friday 19 January, the Steering Committee Releases NEDU (SR NEDU) issued a final ‘No Go’ for starting the User Acceptance Test (GAT) on 22 January. The already issued No Go remains in effect. In addition, the SR NEDU made a decision to formulate new GAT planning.


EDSN and the system integrator expect the Nexus central hub to be ready on 31 January. The Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) and subsequent GAT can then be carried out. Furthermore, it appears market parties are finding it more difficult and time consuming to connect with the hub than previously expected.

Planning tests
Due to issues with the hub, the following was also decided in addition to the No Go:

  • The Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) performed by the lead group of market parties will start on 5 February. This will take place once EDSN has completed the FAT.
  • Phase 1 of the GAT, where the connectivity of market parties will be tested in preparation for actual testing, will start on 5 February at the latest. This phase will be separated from other phases of GAT.
  • Actual GAT testing (phases 2 and 3) will start on 12 March, as long as the FAT lead group has been officially completed. The latter is a binding criterion for the start of GAT.
  • The shift in GAT planning means migration moments must also be shifted. A proposal for new migration moments will follow soon. The Sector Planning Committee (SPC) will then examine whether these moments are compatible with the sector calendar. The NEDU General Meeting of Members will eventually decide the final dates. The final dates will be announced in the newsletter once they have been confirmed. The SR NEDU will thus include its advice about the new migration moments in an extra NEDU General Meeting of Members as soon as possible.
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