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The predictability of the Metering Correction Factor (MCF) in the allocation continues to improve. This can partly be attributed to the current profile-based method. However, this is also causing the risk of imbalance to increase. The provisional solution allows balance responsible parties (BRP’s) to use the sum of standard annual volume feed-in (SJI) and standard annual volume acquisition (SJA).

All the regional grid operators, BRP’s (or balance responsible parties) and the CVP examined the various solution options to allow BRP’s to make better predictions. When doing so, the solution options could not have an impact on (the progress of) the Allocatie 2.0 programme.

Improved predictions using sum of SJI and SJA
One of the solution options that were mentioned by the experts involved giving BRP’s access to the sum of the SJI and the SJA per grid region, per profile category. And thus perhaps also the price zone for all allocatable profile connections. The BRP’s will be supplied this information in a document. They can then use the information in this document for further analyses, position identification and better predictions for the MCF.

Every month, this new document will be supplied to all BRP’s that are registered with EDSN. This will take place via the Uitwisseling Datasets feature (Exchange Datasets, see Business Service Uitwisseling Datasets). The document will mention all the grid areas of regional grid operators on the 1st calendar day of the month. More information about the approach can be found on the website of Partners in Energie (in Dutch).

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