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Phase 2 of the User Acceptance Test (GAT) will start on 16 April. This decision was reached by the Steering Committee Releases NEDU (SR NEDU) on Tuesday, 10th April. Phase 2 of the GAT will start by confirming connectivity with the Nexus central hub.

The blocking issues in the central hub have been resolved. As a result, the Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) could be started by EDSN as well as the main group of market parties. Both tests have been successfully completed in the meantime.

Planning GAT
Now that the FAT has been completed, market parties can start with the GAT. The planning is as follows:

  • The 2nd GAT phase will be focussing on connectivity as of 16 April. The first week will be used to make sure you and other market parties can still connect to the hub.
  • The 2nd GAT phase will be continued on 23 April. This will involve testing communication via the hub and simulating the 1st migration moment.
  • As of 30 April, the 3rd GAT phase will also focus on communicating via the hub and simulating the 2nd migration moment.
  • The 4th GAT phase will start on 7 May and will last 2 weeks. This will involve testing whether AS2 and AS4 notifications are routed through the central hub in the correct format.

Testing with AS4 protocol? Register by 19 April at the latest
Not every market party will be able to test notifications using the AS4 protocol. However, the 4th phase of the GAT offers an opportunity to do so. Would you like to participate? Then register by 19 April at the latest via

Important: the production connectivity test
The production connectivity test will start on 14 May, during the last phase of the GAT. It is important for you to participate because it allows you to check whether you can connect to the hub’s production environment. We will provide more details about this in early May during the final information session. You will be able to efficiently attend this session via an online connection.

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