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The update on the Nexus central hub has been a complete success. Migration to Octet-stream content will start on Saturday 26 October at 09:00 for the concerned parties. If migration flows smoothly, the SR NEDU will give permission to go live on Saturday 26 October at 17:00.

End migration at 17:00 on Saturday
The Steering Committee Releases NEDU (SR NEDU) issued a Go for migration on Saturday 26 October at 08:00. The migration window will last until 17:00. During the window, 16 market parties will switch to the correct content based on a predetermined central script. Each party must make sure that its specific script is ready. Messaging possibilities will resume after the migration window.

Remain up-to-date
We will use the newsletter to report the outcome of the migration. The ‘Migration weekend Nexus AS4 octet’ app group will be used to inform you about important issues during the migration.

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