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The implementation of Tranche 2 can now start in earnest. Various documents for this were approved during the NEDU General Meeting of Members on 15 December. Market parties will need these documents for the construction process and to prepare for this large Tranche.

BRS, message definitions and service descriptions
The NEDU General Meeting of Members approved the 2 BRS documents (Business Requirements Specifications), 4 service descriptions and 7 message definitions:

  1. BRS Allocatiegegevens elektriciteit V0.9 (BRS Allocation data electricity)
  2. BRS Meetgegevens en reclamaties meetgegevens V4.9 (BRS Metering data and contested metering data)
  3. Business Service Uitwisselen allocatiegegevens elektriciteit v0.9 (Business Service Exchange allocation data electricity)
  4. Business Service Opvragen Profielfracties v0.9 (Business Service Request profile fractions)
  5. Business Service Uitwisselen meetgegevens tijdseries v5.9 (Business Service Exchange metering data time series)
  6. Business Service Uitwisselen herzieningsverzoeken v3.9 (Business Service Exchange revision requests)
  7. Berichtdefinitie AllocationSeriesNotification v0.9
  8. Berichtdefinitie AllocationSeriesAcknowledgement v0.9
  9. Berichtdefinitie AggregatedAllocationSeriesNotification v0.9
  10. Berichtdefinitie AggregatedAllocationSeriesAcknowledgement v0.9
  11. Berichtdefinitie AllocationFactorSeriesNotification v0.9
  12. Berichtdefinitie AllocationFactorSeriesAcknowledgement v0.9
  13. Berichtdefinitie ProfileFractionsSeries_v1p0

Once the correct versions of these documents have been supplied, they will be placed on mijnNEDU under: ‘Release’, ‘Tranche 2 A2.0’.

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