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The NEXUS central hub was updated to ENTSO-G version 3.5 during the weekend of 25 and 26 October. Parties with AS4 and Gzip content were also successfully migrated to Octet-stream content. This means migration from AS2 to AS4 can be continued. Do you still use AS2 for your wholesale gas messages? Then you must switch to AS4 before 29 February 2020. Continue reading to learn what we expect from you and how the project team can support you.

Transition supported by EDSN
It is not possible to switch to AS4 without support from EDSN, which will first need to configure your organisation. That is why the transition must be planned and regulated, and why EDSN will work with your organisation to agree a transition date.

How will we support your transition?
The process below will lead to successful transition from AS2 to AS4. Pay close attention to the highlighted points.

Planning the transition

  • Do you want to switch to AS4 as soon as possible? Then contact Jennifer van der Valk immediately:
  • If your transition is not urgent, EDSN will contact your organisation by phone. This will take place via the contact persons mentioned in our system.
  • The transition date will be schedule during the call. You will also be informed about what we expect from you.
  • We recommend scheduling the transition as soon as possible. Because if you encounter a blocking issue (like an expired certificate), you will still have enough time to reschedule the transition.
  • EDSN will schedule a transition date between now and 14 February 2020 at the latest. The period from 14 to 28 February 2020 has been set aside to resolve any final issues. This means it will not be possible to switch to AS4 at the last minute. The end of the project has been scheduled for 29 February. If everything flows smoothly, the support team will stop its activities and normal management will resume.
  • The scheduled date cannot be changed. It is only possible to deviate from this date with good reason and after consultation.

Preparation and testing

  • Once the transition date has been scheduled, a so-called connection sheet will be sent to you for each EAN. These connection sheets address preparations that your organisation must make with the accompanying EAN(’s) before the transition date. You must complete the sheet(s) as soon as possible and return it to the mentioned e-mail address.
  • The period between the call and the scheduled date can be used by your organisation to configure AS4 and test it in your environment. This process is referred to as the connection test. Error messages can be e-mailed to EDSN. EDSN has already performed testing on various systems and will be able to immediately find an appropriate solution for a number of problems.

Switch to AS4

  • The scheduled transition day will start with a call. After the call, EDSN will configure your organisation on the NEXUS central hub. Once configuration has been completed, you can start activities that are needed for the transition. During the transition, EDSN and, if necessary, the System Integrator will be on stand-by. You can notify EDSN if the transition has been successful.
  • After the transition, your organisation will fall under the normal management regime of EDSN.

Be prepared
EDSN will provide support during a planned and regulated transition. That is why you are being asked to take your role seriously and prepare in an appropriate manner. We cannot predict in advance whether your transition will take one hour or a whole day. Your transition may in fact need to be rescheduled because too many error messages are encountered. Naturally, the transition process will flow more smoothly if you fully execute the connection test for all EAN’s.

We are counting on your cooperation and are confident about switching from AS2 to AS4. Do you have questions about the transition? Then please feel free to send them to Jennifer van der Valk:

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