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On Tuesday 7 November, we will be organising the first information meeting for the AS2-AS4 theme release (TR AS2-AS4). Various topics will be discussed to explain to the market parties involved how to best prepare for the theme release.

The project impacts a significant percentage of the sector, including your organisation. So your attendance at this meeting is essential for proper implementation. You will be informed about the content and planning of the theme release and various members of the project team will talk about what will be expected of you and the most important aspects of every component of the theme release.

The programme will include:

  • Theme release issues:
    • SC002 ‘Phasing out the AS2’
    • TC034 ‘Transition from AS2 to AS4 Gas’
  • Schedule until implementation on 19 March and 11 April 2018
  • Central hub design
  • Testing (User Acceptance Test)
  • TransitionYou will also be given plenty of opportunity to ask the members of the TR AS2-AS4 project team any questions you may have and get acquainted with other project and test managers.

It is not possible to attend the meeting remotely. However, sheets will be made available afterwards in mijnNEDU and on the NEDU website.

9:30 am – Doors open
10:00 am – Start of meeting
12:00 pm – Conclusion, sandwich lunch

Barchman Wuytierslaan 2
3818 LH Amersfoort

Register for the meeting by sending an e-mail to The contact persons registered with us have already been sent an invitation.

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