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The go live for Theme release 2021 (TR2021) – Tranche 1 Allocatie 2.0 can get started as of Friday 18 March. What does the schedule for the deployment look like?

Schedule for Friday 18 March

  • At 10:00, the Steering Committee Releases NEDU (SR NEDU) will assess whether the entry criteria have been met.
  • If the entry criteria have been met, we will perform the deployment on Saturday 19 March.
  • If the entry criteria have not been met, we will postpone the deployment until Saturday 2 April 2022.

Schedule for Saturday 19 March

  • The deployment relates to C-ARM (of EDSN) and the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub (of TenneT). These systems will not be available as of Friday 18 March 20:00 until Saturday 19 March 19:00.

Remain up-to-date
We will use this newsletter to keep you informed about progress. News can also be found on the NEDU website. To see the script and the various scenarios, please go to mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘TR2021 tranche 1 A2.0’, folder ‘6. Transitie’.

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