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Tranche 2 of Allocatie 2.0 is fully up and running. The NEDU General Meeting of Members approved a few important documents on Wednesday 26 January. You can now also register the project manager or contact person who is acting on behalf of your organisation. The first information session for them and other interested parties will be held on Tuesday 8 March.

Approved documents
The following documents were approved for Tranche 2 during the NEDU General Meeting of Members of 26 January:

  • RFC 256.1 ‘Aanpassen SJI bepaling bij ontbreken van meetgegevens bij telwerken die invoeding separaat meten’ (‘Modify SJI provision if metering data missing for meters that measure in-feed separately’). The accompanying code change was also approved. The following was discovered. Appendix 1.3 of the Information code describes the standard annual acquisition and the standard annual in-feed for electricity. Article B1.3.4a of this appendix states that, if in-feed is possible, the standard annual in-feed must only be determined if ‘the connection is equipped with a remotely legible metering system’. This appears to be insufficient because conventional meters are also able to measure in-feed separately. The default value of 1008 kWh, which is used for smart meters, must also be used for these conventional meters. RFC 256.1 helps to resolve this issue. You can find the RFC on mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘Tranche 2 A2.0’, ‘3. RFC’s’.
  • Communication and market-readiness plan.This plan offers an insight into all communication activities for this tranche, and when and why market readiness will take place. In fact, its main aim is to monitor progress. Check out mijnNEDU: ‘Release’, ‘Tranche 2 A2.0’, ‘4. Projectmanagement’.

Register your project manager or another contact person
Earlier this month, all NEDU members were requested to register the name of their project manager (and possibly a test manager) or another contact person for Tranche 2. They were also sent a reminder. The project team needs this information so that market parties with communication and monitoring activities can be involved in Tranche 2.

Are you not a member of NEDU but want to register a contact person or project manager? Then do so via

Information session on Tuesday 8 March
Information sessions play an important role in the communication process. The first information session for Tranche 2 is on Tuesday 8 March 2022. Besides a general section about Allocatie 2.0 (cohesion between the various tranches, introduction Energy Act, etc.), the planning and important milestones, particular attention will also be given to issues, Business Requirements Specifications (BRS), Market- and Sub-processes NEDU (MSP), message definitions and service descriptions. For instance, how the procurement and nomination process will be affected when the issues for this tranche are introduced. But also which messages will be changed and which new messages will be implemented. Would you like to attend the information session? Then register now via


  • Do you have questions about Tranche 1 or Tranche 2? Then send a message to:
  • If you have questions about the Market-Market-Communication (MMC) Hub, send a message to:
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