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The NEDU General Meeting of Members approved 2 Requests for Change (RFC’s) for Tranche 2 on Wednesday 9 March. It also did the same for 8 entry documents, such as message definitions, Business Services, Business Requirements Specifications (BRS), the test plan and the transition plan.

RFC A2.0.1 ‘Gebruik Correlation ID’ (‘Use Correlation ID’) – for Tranche 1 and 2
The RFC relates to both Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 of Allocatie 2.0. That is why the abbreviation ‘A2.0.1’ has been selected: Allocatie 2.0, RFC 1. The most important thing is that the RFC will be implemented after the go live for Tranche 1. Between 21 March and the go live for Tranche 2 (at the latest), parties are free to select their own moment for using the same ID in the 2 fields.

RFC 253.2 ‘Uitbreiden toepassing MCR’ (‘Expansion use MCR’) – for Tranche 2
The market would also like the metering correction report (MCR) to be used for corrections on connections other than electric telemetry. The solution in the RFC involves only using the term MCR-ID – and no longer the Transaction-ID – and scrapping the Type Allocation point from the MCR data exchange.

Entry documentation
Besides the RFC’s, several entrance documents were also approved:

  • the go live acceptance criteria for Tranche 2
  • the BRS ‘Meetgegevens en reclamaties meetgegevens GV’ (‘Metering data and contested metering data GV’) v6.0
  • the Business Service ‘Uitwisselen MeetCorrectieRapport (LOM)’ (‘Exchange Metering Correction Report (LOM))’ v3.68
  • the message definition ‘Measure Correction (LOM) XSD’ 2.0
  • the Business Service ‘Aanbieden geaggregeerde volumes elektriciteit’ (‘Supply aggregated volumes electricity’) v1.0
  • the message definition ‘AggregatedVolumesSeries JSON’ 1.0
  • the general test plan
  • the general transition plan

The RFC’s and entrance documents can already be found on mijnNEDU.

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