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Tranche 2 has now started. Suppliers are also in scope for this tranche. The project is part of the programme Allocatie 2.0 and has an impact on the whole market. How can market parties prepare for it? By taking part in the online information session (in Dutch) on Tuesday 8 March. We will tell you everything you need to know during a single morning.

The following issues are in scope for Tranche 2:

  • IC253 ‘Uitbreiden meetcorrectierapport’ (‘Expansion metering correction report’)
  • IC256 ‘SJI SJA 2.0’
  • IC273 ‘Noodzakelijke tussenoplossing allocatie geprofileerde aansluitingen’ met bijlagen (‘Necessary temporary solution allocation profile-based connections’ with appendices)
  • IC276 ‘Alloceren GV-TMT en KV-SMA per energierichting’ (‘Allocation of GV-TMT and KV-SMA per energy facility’)

The following will be addressed during the meeting:

  • Update Allocatie 2.0
  • Content and impact of all issues
  • Planning up to go live
  • Qualification process
  • Planned testing
  • Transition
  • Communication and market readiness
  • What do we expect from you?

Naturally, you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions to the speakers.

Practical information
The online information session (only in Dutch) has been planned for Tuesday 8 March, from 09:30 to 11:30. We will be organising this information session via Microsoft Teams.

Would you like to take part in the information session but have not yet received an invitation via e-mail? Register now by sending an e-mail to

Confirmation and instructions
Participants will be muted during the online information session. If you have a question, this can be asked in writing via the group chat feature. The moderator will when intervene and ask the question on your behalf. The information session will be recorded. If you do not want your image to appear, then please participate without a camera. Recording will be stopped for the last 5 minutes, for participants who want to ask a question without it being recorded.

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