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At 10:00 on Friday 25 October, the Steering Committee Releases NEDU (SR NEDU) gave the go-ahead to update the Nexus central hub. In principle, this means migration from AS4-Gzip to AS4-Octet-stream will start during this weekend. As a result, it will not be possible – for both AS4 and AS2 parties – to send wholesale gas messages as of 16:00.

Green light
The SR NEDU decided to give the green light based on release advice about meeting the entry criteria. In addition, no local issues were encountered that could hinder the update.

Hub according new requirements
If the update is successful, the hub will function in accordance with requirements for issues SC002 and TC034. Messages via the hub will then have the ENTSO-G AS4 profile, version 3.5, as well as the correct Octet-stream content and GCM encryption.

Start migration at 10:00 on Saturday
TThe update is part of the migration from AS4 with Gzip content to AS4 with Octet-stream content. This migration will take place during the weekend of 26 and 27 October. If the central hub update meets all exit criteria, the SR NEDU will decide to proceed with the migration at 08:00 on Saturday. You will be informed about this.

End migration at 17:00 on Saturday
The migration window will last until at least 17:00 on Saturday, and could be extended until 17:00 on Sunday 27 October. Normal messaging will resume after the migration window. We will keep you informed via the newsletter.

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