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It has already appeared several times in the newsletter. And market parties are currently dealing with it in Tranche 1 (Theme release 2021): Allocatie 2.0. But what does this programme actually entail?

Towards a future-proof energy system
A flexible energy system is essential for the energy transition. Allocatie 2.0 is the sector’s way of working together on a future-proof energy system. The energy market will thus work more effectively, and processes will be more transparent, honest and efficient. From a public perspective, the investment will be more than worthwhile.

Allocation based on smart meters and telemetry
Allocatie 2.0 involves using smart meters for small-scale consumers. We have replaced consumption profiles with accurately measured values per quarter. The same is also done for large-scale consumers. The portion that currently still works with profiles will switch to telemetering.

Introduction via a single programme
Because all these changes are inter-dependent, it is important for specifications and execution to be part of a single programme. This has been realised via the autonomous programme Allocatie 2.0, where the NEDU General Meeting of Members is the highest decision-making body.

Phased introduction using theme releases or tranches
Such a drastic change must be thoroughly and effectively implemented in one go. We will be working on this up to 2025. Allocatie 2.0 will be introduced in phases. This will make it possible to phase out profiles as soon as possible. In addition, it will make it possible to manage this complex change process.

Would you like further information? Then read the explanation for Allocatie 2.0 (in Dutch, a translation will follow).

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