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Now that the final migration moment has been completed, all wholesale gas messages will take place via the Nexus central hub. This means the market can start preparing for the next step. When will your organisation be switching to the AS4 protocol?


The AS2-AS4 Theme release (TR AS2-AS4) consists of 2 phases. The first phase is all about Nexus as the central hub for all message exchanges. Now that the hub has been realised, it is time to start phase 2 of TR AS2-AS4. The aim is for all market parties to switch from the AS2 to the AS4 protocol by March 2019. The scope for TR AS2-AS4 phase 2 has been described in:

  • SC0002 ‘Phasing out the AS2’
  • TC034 ‘Transition from AS2 to AS4 gas’

Share your planning for AS4
To prepare Market Readiness for TR AS2-AS4 phase 2, we would like you to tell us when your organisation intends to switch to AS4. Please inform us of your planning by sending a message to:

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